Scenes From the Cafe

This week’s blog post is an homage to our fantastic customers. More likely a peek inside the cafe through their eyes, em er instagram accounts. After scouring the interwebs and pouring through social media here are some highlights…           …we love you all, and please keep on capturing tiny moments within Read More

ArtBeat | Where Art Meets Innovation

Each year the Somerville Arts Council sponsors one of the largest arts festivals in New England and it just so happens to take place right in Davis Square. ArtBeat features over a dozen live bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors as well as art themed activities. Every year they develop a theme to serve as Read More

Fostering Personal & Professional Growth

This week’s blog post is brought to you by one of our amazing co-owners, Jen Park. Jen spends her days setting up her mobile office at our three locations, is the creative force behind our locally driven menus, focusing on customer service & employee growth, and 15 years later remains one of our best in-house Read More

Cold Brewin’ with CoffeeSocks | Tutorial

A timely summer drink themed post written by our very own in store drink trainer and resident blogger, Shayna! I hate to admit it on a blog propagated by my employers, but before caffeine, my mornings can be pretty lazy. Last weekend I was lucky to have a thermos of hot coffee waiting for me Read More

Diesel’s Very Own Disney Character

This week’s all-star guest contributor is Reba! Reba currently works in the office as the Administrative Assistant, but she is also just one of the many resident creative forces that we employ. She plays several different instruments, is a singer, writes songs and is currently playing in and around Somerville with her latest band, The Read More

Lights, Camera, Action… Diesel!

This past Tuesday, June 10th, ABC Family premiered their new series “Chasing Life” set in Boston, and featuring Diesel. The back story is that the main character used to be a manager at Diesel, has recently gotten a job at The Boston Post aka The Boston Globe. but her best friend and witty sidekick still cracks Read More

Cuppow: Local & Lovin’ it!

This week’s contributor is Shayna, she’s back by popular demand! She can be seen managing shifts at Diesel and helping our baristas hone their drink making and latte pouring skills. When I first moved to Somerville, I put my journalism classes to good use by writing for Boston’s Weekly Dig, that is, if I found Read More

Relationships: A Common Thread Between Coffee & Cheese

The relationship between cheese and coffee, huh? I know a far stretch right? No, this isn’t some forward thinking coffee industry trend, its more a blog post on just that, relationships. Diesel and Bloc 11 started a long standing relationship with Fiore Di Nonno back in March 2009. Lourdes, Fiore’s owner and original sole cheese Read More

A Story of Design & Coffee

This week’s blog post is a profile of one of our talented baristas, Miguel. A recent hire, Miguel can be seen serving coffee with a smile and currently spends his days off in the studio creating looks for his clothing line Grey Line Map. I was practically born with a cup of coffee in my Read More


A post written by one of our wonderful co-owners, Tucker Lewis. Tucker can usually be seen brainstorming and making most of the amazing reclaimed wood furnishings at Diesel and Bloc 11. [As we get ready to open Forge, our third location, I find myself in the curious position of looking backwards. Little points of comparison Read More

Chemex: Form vs. Function | Cameos & Coffee Brewing

Mid century modern design meets manual coffee brewing in style with the Chemex. The Chemex coffeemaker was invented in 1941, made simply of non-porous glass and a wooden collar handle, it remains one of the best manual brewing methods, resulting in one of the smoothest cups of coffee around. Chemex is a family owned company Read More

If The Walls Could Talk

A guest post by Regina Parkinson, she is the Art Curator for both Bloc 11 and Diesel Cafe as well as one of our talented Diesel Cafe baristas. An active member of the Boston area art scene, Regina currently works at the ICA, hosts local artist based pop up galleries, as well as promotes local Read More

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