Halloween | Our Favorite Time of Year

This week’s blog comes from our lovely barista and stockroom wonderkid, Julia. She enjoys such things as softball, softball, things that are similar to softball, and softball. For this week’s blog, Julia is trying something a little bit different: she’s giving you guys homework. (Everyone loves homework, right?!) If you’ve come into Diesel in the Read More

Vendor Spotlight | Q’s Nuts

This week’s interview is brought to you by, Reba, our in house Administrative Assistant. Reba, an avid supporter of Girls & Ladies Rock Camp, can also be seen around town performing live with her band, The Kitschenettes. Q’s Nuts was started in 2000 by husband and wife team Beth and Brian Quinn. We are lucky Read More


This week, Jen Park, co-owner, writes an insightful post about partnerships. We have had a long standing relationship with Intelligentsia based in Chicago, and the photos below are from a recent trip.   As a small business owner, it is easy to get stuck. To get stuck in ideas or stuck in ways of doing Read More

The Student Migration | Welcome Back!

This week’s post is brought by you by Reba, she’s our office Admin Extraordinaire. She tends to favor cassette tapes over mix cds and loves a good vintage Pyrex find. She’s one of the most talented musicians we know! The city squares are a bit more crowded in September. The desks and corridors of Somerville Read More

Beauty in the Details

There is a hum, a hustle and bussle that fills the space within the walls of Diesel. A heavy aroma of coffee, music in the background, the tiny sounds that mugs and plates make as they are lifted and placed on tables are all apparent. It is in the air, an environment, a constant moving Read More

Coffee Fad or Bad Snack Idea…

This week’s contributor is Shayna, she’s back by popular demand!   Coffee fads come and go, and I hope this one leaves as quickly as it came in. Maybe it’s just a potato chip industry fad, like, lays needs to come up with the wackiest chip flavor before utz does. But perhaps they should have Read More

Artist Spotlight | Elize Nazelie

This week, we picked the brain of the artist behind Diesel’s current art show: Elize Nazelie. Elize has been a long time Diesel regular, and we are stoked to have her as our featured artist this month. Here’s a peek into her background, sandwich preferences, and furry feline muses. How/when did you discover Diesel Cafe? Read More

Summer Drinks, Summer Fun

An entry submitted by our talented Head Drink Trainer, Danielle. She is responsible for creating, implementing, and overseeing all drink training at Diesel as well as at our sister store, Bloc 11 Cafe. Quality, consistency, and service as well as a passion for coffee are all things that Danielle holds dear. It’s hot and humid, Read More

Dear Work-Wife….

So, everyone knows Jess Brasil. Many recognize Jess from her years behind the counters of Diesel Café serving the denizens of Somerville coffee and food. Many know that she has the memory unparalleled to any other human being. Many know of her passion for baking, her love of her dogs, her obsession with Tegan and Read More

Scenes From the Cafe

This week’s blog post is an homage to our fantastic customers. More likely a peek inside the cafe through their eyes, em er instagram accounts. After scouring the interwebs and pouring through social media here are some highlights…           …we love you all, and please keep on capturing tiny moments within Read More

In the Kitchen

Hi, Internet! Reba here. Many people are unaware that there is a huge kitchen in the basement of Diesel. I’m lucky enough to have a desk on the opposite wall, where I can enjoy the sounds (NPR, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, and Glee Soundtrack on rotation), smells (Onions, Curry, or Fresh Basil) and goofy conversations Read More

ArtBeat | Where Art Meets Innovation

Each year the Somerville Arts Council sponsors one of the largest arts festivals in New England and it just so happens to take place right in Davis Square. ArtBeat features over a dozen live bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors as well as art themed activities. Every year they develop a theme to serve as Read More

Fostering Personal & Professional Growth

This week’s blog post is brought to you by one of our amazing co-owners, Jen Park. Jen spends her days setting up her mobile office at our three locations, is the creative force behind our locally driven menus, focusing on customer service & employee growth, and 15 years later remains one of our best in-house Read More

Cold Brewin’ with CoffeeSocks | Tutorial

A timely summer drink themed post written by our very own in store drink trainer and resident blogger, Shayna! I hate to admit it on a blog propagated by my employers, but before caffeine, my mornings can be pretty lazy. Last weekend I was lucky to have a thermos of hot coffee waiting for me Read More

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