Wolf Shirt Wednesdays

Our next post is an entry submitted by one of our amazing managers, Shayna. She is also our in-house drink training apprentice helping to maintain the quality and consistency of all the drinks we serve at Diesel Cafe.  Diesel has afforded me many things these last three years; best friends, latte art skills, a sense Read More

An Ode

An entry submitted by our talented Head Drink Trainer, Danielle. She is responsible creating, implementing, and overseeing all drink training at Diesel as well as at our sister store, Bloc 11 Cafe. Quality, consistency, and service as well as a passion for coffee are all things that Danielle holds dear. Coffee is the second highest Read More

Acup Mugsworth

Ok.  Sorry. This is a long one.  I know that blog posts are not meant to take longer than the time you are, hopefully, waiting for your latte here at the Diesel.  And I wish that I had a snappier photo and fit in the lines of your smartphone with 1 or 2 scrolls. Last Read More

A Focused Blur

I have had the experience and the pleasure of starting two businesses, and now, officially, a third!  Welcome Forge Baking Company! All I will say about Forge for now, is that it has been in the works for well over a year.  The dance of financing, space procurement, space layout and contractor interviewing has taken Read More

What’s the Difference?

This past Friday I was tasting two exceptionally delicious coffees. The Kenya Karinga and the La Perla de Oaxaca made for a great comparison. Cup wise they taste quite differently while still both being on the same roast spectrum. They both come from cooperatives but both cooperatives are managed in fairly different ways. The tasting Read More

Milkshakes and Midnights

Our milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard…er…um…cafe? Maybe Kelis was onto something, or at least Diesel was in 2004. The Shins “Chutes Too Narrow” album was in heavy rotation on the six disc cd changer we used to play music throughout the cafe. We were selling staff member, Carolyn “Cubby” Berk’s latest release, Read More

Not What It Seems

Diesel is founded on a lot of “not-what-it-seems” or “there’s a good story behind that”s.  We’ve wanted to share some of those stories with you all, along with some of the insights and experiences that make us who we are. This blog seemed the most expedient (and fun) way to make that happen. So we Read More

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