Coffee Fad or Bad Snack Idea…

This week’s contributor is Shayna, she’s back by popular demand!


Coffee fads come and go, and I hope this one leaves as quickly as it came in. Maybe it’s just a potato chip industry fad, like, lays needs to come up with the wackiest chip flavor before utz does. But perhaps they should have stopped at chicken and waffle flavored chips before coming up with this particular crime against nature:

We passed them around the cafe and the verdict was a pretty unanimous “what the hell, man?”



“Please get this out of my mouth”


That sort of thing.


But what if coffee and potatoes are the new chocolate and peanut butter, and our taste buds are not yet ready for the future?


Submitted for your approval, the pot-ado. A double shot of espresso, frothed milk, and a salty cape cod chip rim.


Or perhaps the cor-tado is more your style? It’s just a tiny latte in a potato.


Either way, bottoms up kids. The future is now, and it’s an acquired taste for sure.