Diesel Trivia Contest

We are lucky. We aren’t bragging or anything, but Diesel has the best customers (Ok… maybe we are bragging…). For years, many of you have come in daily for a morning treat or an afternoon study session.

We’ve seen your kids grow up, and we’ve swooned over your puppies. We’ve seen you power through midterms, or play tour guide to your out-of-town friends on the weekends. We know you like your bagel lightly toasted, and your coffee with room for soy. If you’re a regular, chances are we know your name. It’s great to see so many familiar faces every day, and that’s what helps make the Diesel community feel like family.

Our awesome customers are easy to remember… but we want to know how much you know about us! Try this quiz and you might find that your next meal is on us!

Submit your answers to [email protected], and you will be eligible to win a $15 gift card to Diesel! (two points per correct answer)




1)    What year did Diesel open?

2)    What was located at 257 Elm before Diesel moved in?

3)    Name three items that have always been on the menu at Diesel.

4)    Name three big renovations that have been made to the cafe space in the past 15 years.

5)    True/False: Diesel is named after Vinn Diesel, Tucker’s all-time favorite actor.

6)    What are the names of Diesel’s little sister cafes?

7)    What is the name of the espresso that Diesel uses, and who roasts it?

8)    What time does Diesel close every night?

9)    Name a local artist who has had an art show up at Diesel.

10) How many shots are in a small latte?

11) There is a wall in the store dedicated to one of our most loyal customers. What is his name?

12) What is special about Wednesdays at Diesel?

13) How big is a medium-sized coffee at Diesel?

14) True/False: Our General Manager, Connor, once tried out for American Idol.

15) Define the term: clopening.


Extra Credit: List Diesel’s local vendors (one point each)