That’s no ectoplasm, that’s my latte!

This week’s blog contributor, is Shayna! Shayna can be found pouring rosettas and managing on the floor at Diesel, but also has been known to partake in several other creative endeavors. Most recently her Zine Machines, hand painted interactive zine vending machines, were featured at Zine Fest in Somerville, MA as well as in the print, in the Somerville Scout.

Halloween is one of those holidays whose presence increases exponentially over the course of October in Davis square.  Can I say, it creeps up on you? First it’s the decorations at diesel, then the weekends before, booty shorts with costumes on top at all the neighboring bars. The houses on Chester street (get off your laptop and go check em out NOW) start with a few harmless spider decorations,  but before you know it, you are walking past a full blown spooky infestation littered with dozens of glowing pumpkins. So too, your hot milk drinks have been getting a seasonal makeover from yours truly when I’m on bar, and it’s slow, and uh, you are in the know or ask for a ghost specifically. Hey, I gotta keep up some speed of service here. You should just look at this collection of my favorite creations this season,while drinking your favorite diesel drink, and I promise it will taste just as special. Happy Halloween y’all!













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  1. Coming for a ghostly brew!

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