Handmade Coffee: Coffee with Intention

A blog post from our owners, Jennifer and Tucker. Diesel ever evolving and in constant motion, we strive to continually offer the best products possible.


Diesel is the oldest child and has run solidly on its engine for over 16 years now.   In many ways, it feels as though nothing needs touching or adjusting since it runs smoothly by itself. But as we all know, change is essential for continued relevance and success. Sometimes evolution rights itself and sometimes it stumbles along the way.


This past year, we have made many small changes to our coffee and drink program in an attempt to be more current with coffee and drink trends. We hope that our efforts to continually offer you the best versions of our products is apparent. We persistently strive to offer our customers the best of what we can offer and the most of what we can offer in our space while we stay true to our core missions.


Journey Photo 4


Since Diesel has opened, we have mostly only tweaked our programs mostly out of habits, well aware that we have worn deep grooves in our path. This week, we are happy to offer our customers, what we see, as being the single biggest change to our drink program: hand-made coffees brewed to order for purchase.




This method of brewing means that we can offer our customers pretty much any coffee that someone may want. Whether it is a great cup of decaf coffee or an esoteric African coffee from a farm I cannot quite pronounce, we are proud to bring you the most choice we have been able to provide. Ever. Since we opened in 1999. We are happy to begin offering you these coffees with a sneak peak on Sunday December 6th and will go live with our full program on Monday December 14th!


Please continue to frequent our business and offer your feedback. We know we would not be here if you weren’t for you. We read and respond to every email that we receive through our website. We value your thoughts and welcome the opportunity to hear your voice.