In the Kitchen

Hi, Internet! Reba here.
Many people are unaware that there is a huge kitchen in the basement of Diesel. I’m lucky enough to have a desk on the opposite wall, where I can enjoy the sounds (NPR, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, and Glee Soundtrack on rotation), smells (Onions, Curry, or Fresh Basil) and goofy conversations (“OMG Did you hear Britney is launching a new lingerie line?!”) coming from the food preppers next door. As I sometimes sit buried under invoices and emails, Potter, Jessie, Alex, Chelsea, and Rae have kept me entertained.
This morning, I was trying to come up with an idea for a blog entry when I heard conversation coming from Rae and Jessie next door. So, why not interview two of Diesel’s behind-the-scene stars? While the staff upstairs is pretty good at assembling a pretty sandwich or salad, it’s the kitchen that really makes all that our menu has to offer. I crept into the kitchen, steno notebook in hand, and proceeded to ask them a series of random questions… all of which prompted looks of confusion. I’m used to that look, though. I get it a lot.
Here are their responses:

What’s the best thing you’ve ever cooked?
Rae: I make a damn good roasted chicken.
Jessie: I don’t cook outside of Diesel. My wife does all the cooking.

rae's chicken

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?
Rae: My grandma’s gumbo
Jessie: Anything my wife cooks!

Many people don’t know that working in a kitchen can be a dangerous job! What are the scariest things to work with at Diesel?
Jessie: Sweeping! That’s how I threw out my back!
Rae: Hot, heavy pots… knives… the scary microplane that only Chelsea will use

photo 2
Jessie: It’s also haunted in the kitchen! We see shadows, or hear the door open when no one is there…

What kitchen tools can you not live without?
Rae: A good knife, a dutch oven, a not-scary microplane
Jessie: We use spatulas a lot at Diesel

photo 1

If you were an item on the Diesel menu, what item would you be?
Rae: A breakfast burrito, because I am vaguely Texan
Jessie: The Crank

Why is it called “chili” if it’s actually hot?
Rae: Do you really want me to answer that?

If a parsley farmer is sued, can they garnish his wages?
Rae: Ok, I see what you did there.

If you ate both pasta and antipasto, would you still be hungry?
Rae: Did Tucker write these questions?

Ok, ok… Here’s a real question… can jellyfish get gas from eating jellybeans?
::blank stares::

Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?
Rae: Really?
Jessie: Don’t make me get the scary microplane, Reba!