Little Leaps

A new post written by one of our amazing co-owners, Jen Park.

Diesel, Bloc, and Forge all began as an idea. An idea that sometimes had a lot of momentum behind it and sometimes lay dormant and quiet.

And now that all three stores are open and operational, they continue to beat on as a series of little and big ideas. They are constant works in progress and never finished or done.

imagejpeg_0 (1)

Recently, we came to a small fork in the road. We had a choice to make about our POS system also known as our registers. While that may seem like an easy choice, it reflects a great deal. It is often the main place of interaction between our staff and our customers and an intersection point for everything we are trying to do.


Seemingly small choices like this one often make up the experience for our staff and our customers. And we may begin by weighing in doing the mathematical cost benefit calculation of a business owner, but we quickly devolve into considering things such as user accessibility and overall outcome. Will a new system affect customers negatively, will staff struggle to adapt to a new system, will we lose business because we are adjusting, will our customers dislike the change?

Making any decision for so many can feel like a crippling choice and a giant leap of faith that having thought it all through to the best of my ability, the choice will be a good one.

The stores have never been a guaranteed success and there are days, weeks, and even months where the choices all seem wrong. That we leapt into a black hole of forever down. But most falls do end in some sort of landing and my hope with this recent leap is that we land on our feet and that everyone is content with a new system. We promise that we thought a great deal about it. Let’s say it took us a good 9 months of consideration and planning to execute these new technological droids across our 3 stores.


We thank you all always for your continued support and business!