The Student Migration | Welcome Back!

This week’s post is brought by you by Reba, she’s our office Admin Extraordinaire. She tends to favor cassette tapes over mix cds and loves a good vintage Pyrex find. She’s one of the most talented musicians we know!

The city squares are a bit more crowded in September. The desks and corridors of Somerville schools are populated again, and the vacationing tourists have reluctantly traded their suitcases for briefcases. You might think it would be a ghost town around these parts, but it’s really quite the opposite. When your neighbors are major universities like Tufts, Harvard, and Lesley, it’s actually pretty bumpin’ this time of year. In fact, Diesel recently had its busiest week ever! Woo!

A lot of my Facebook friends have been posting a viral video of Kim Costa, a local Medford woman, with her message to Boston-area college students. I won’t post it here, but I can sum it up by saying she, um… doesn’t care much for college kids. To put it lightly.
I’ll admit, I laughed when I saw the short video. At first, I was like this lady is awesome! Given her thick local accent and unapologetic one-liners. Some of her other videos are pretty funny, too. I feel like this woman resides in the back of my brain on those mornings when I’m stuck in traffic without coffee. She kind of sounds like my exaggerated impression of my own mother (who, yes, I realize I will one day become, thank you.).

I’ve lived in the Boston area since the late 90’s. I’ve seen waves of college kids come and go (and at one point, I was one of them). I’ll admit that sometimes I struggle to find patience for clusters of wide-eyed, youngins bouncing through the streets like the lanyards around their necks. Yesterday I nearly got run over by a seemingly new cyclist who was weaving down a sidewalk with 12-pack of bottled water on his shoulders. Last week I had to search three different stores to find one whose cleaning supply aisle wasn’t ransacked by new dorm-dwellers and their parents. And sure, I get annoyed when there are no seats on the green line… when the only things keeping me from falling over are the jutting backpacks of giddy college kids.


But— y’know, this is Boston. And with every Uhaul on September 1st, there is a student who might soon wander into Diesel Cafe looking for exam fuel, a study spot, or even a hangover cure. Bring it on! Y’all keep us on our toes. One of the coolest things about Somerville is the sense of community. And you are part of ours. We’ve had a few Tufts Jumbos on our staff throughout the years, too.

We hope you can take that youtube video with a grain of salt. Then, take that grain of salt to Diesel Cafe, and put it on your sandwich, which we will proudly serve you. While you’re here, chat with us about the music we’re playing, or ask a barista what there is to do around these parts. Share a booth with a potential new friend, or shoot some pool with that babe from Organic Chemistry. You might even run into one of your professors. You know—the pink-haired Intro to Popular Culture teacher who asks you to call her by her first name and says swear words during her lectures?! OMG ISN’T COLLEGE SO COOL?!


But anyway. Sure, there is a little Kim Costa in all of us. But as far as we’re concerned, Tufts and other nearby universities are part of our vibe, and we welcome you with open booths. Unless all the booths are full. In which case, we welcome you with standing room only.
Welcome to Boston, class of 2018!

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