Brewing with Brendan: New Arrivals!

This blog post is brought to us by our very own Brendan O’Brien. Look for him every Thursday here at Diesel from 12:30pm-2:30pm and every Friday at Bloc 11 from 9am-11am, then later at Forge from 12:30pm-2:30pm, where he will be serving up new and exciting coffee from Intelligentsia.


Just as we enjoy peaches in the summer time and apples in the fall, coffee is a crop that we get to experience seasonally. Luckily for us, coffee farms span the globe throughout the tropical zone, so we get to enjoy a year round supply.  Can you imagine only being able to enjoy coffee at certain times in the year? It is a thrilling moment for me when I walk into the café and see a bag of beans that I haven’t had in a year. Although it might be hard to watch your favorite bag fall out of season, there’s nothing like the joy of seeing an old favorite spring back onto the shelves.


Flecha Roja, Costa Rica: This coffee came back into the line up at the perfect time of year. With a refreshingly sweet flavor that bursts with bright, citrusy notes and a clean, honey finish; Flecha Roja is an excellent choice for coffee on a hot day. I have had the great fortune of discovering how delicious it can be as an iced coffee as well! It is so vibrantly sweet, smooth and round when brewed as an iced coffee. This will certainly be my first recommendation during the hot summer days.


Organic Los Delirios, Nicaragua: Everyone is thrilled about the arrival of Los Delirios. These beans make a cup that is bound to please coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Although you won’t need to add anything to this already sweet brew, the Los Delirios goes very nicely with the addition of any milk products. It has a very pleasing brown sugar and spice profile and a lasting note of caramel with some subtle round fruitiness. Los Delirios also makes a delicious iced brew with the darker sugary notes resulting in a classic iced coffee taste profile. Definitely a great choice of coffee to wake up to!


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Home Brew Tip of the Week: Pre-heat your coffee mug! It’s a simple step that often gets overlooked. Just pour some hot water from your kettle into your mug and let it sit while you brew your coffee.  Using a mug that has been pre-heated will keep your coffee warmer for a longer time and will also mitigate the bitterness that results from a sharp temperature drop.



Happy Brewing!