Vendor Spotlight | Q’s Nuts

This week’s interview is brought to you by, Reba, our in house Administrative Assistant. Reba, an avid supporter of Girls & Ladies Rock Camp, can also be seen around town performing live with her band, The Kitschenettes.

Q’s Nuts was started in 2000 by husband and wife team Beth and Brian Quinn. We are lucky not only to have their Highland Ave. shop as a part of our Davis Square community (or… commuNUTTY, we should say), but we are also stoked to sell them at both Diesel Cafe and Bloc 11 Cafe. They’re the kind of snack that you can eat by the handful, and the variety of flavors is impressive.


We caught up with Co-Owner Beth Quinn to find out a little more about their story, in a nutshell.


How did Q’s Nuts come about? What was the biggest challenge, and what has been the biggest reward? 

My husband and I started out as street roasters doing events outside of Boston as a way to earn a third income while working together as a family (we have two kids) It was flexible,we were working together, and teaching them, we felt, the value of hard work and earning money. We started packaging nuts a few years later after experimenting with ingredients and after years of working out of a catering kitchen we decided we needed our own space. There are always obstacles – lots of red tape to get through, but the biggest reward is working for ourselves.

What are your most popular flavors? Where does your inspiration come from? 

Our most popular flavors are definitely Cayenne Mango, Chocolate Coconut, and Rosemary with Sea Salt. We normally develop flavors as we come up with them, but putting them into full time production is another matter. There were a few that didn’t work out especially one that we tried to put out for the squirrels in our back yard and they wouldn’t even eat them.

What else does Q’s Nuts make? 

We also make Granola and Fruit and Nut bars that are good. Now that the students are back and the holidays are approaching, we will start to bring in some other small produced snacks from the area and we always have Christina’s Ice Cream and sorbet.

The holidays are a good time of year for most businesses and we have two seasonal roasts. One is our Autumn Roast with fall spices and our Winter Solstice will be produced after Thanksgiving.

If you were a nut, which nut would you be? And Brian? 

I would be a cashew (a bit sweet) or a Turkish Pistachio (because they are so delicious) but Brian said he would be Brazil Nut because they are a tough nut to crack!

The Q's Nuts Team, yes folks that's right, Q is front and center :)
The Q’s Nuts Team, storefront located on Highland Ave. just outside of Davis Square.