Summer Drinks, Summer Fun

An entry submitted by our talented Head Drink Trainer, Danielle. She is responsible for creating, implementing, and overseeing all drink training at Diesel as well as at our sister store, Bloc 11 Cafe. Quality, consistency, and service as well as a passion for coffee are all things that Danielle holds dear.

It’s hot and humid, but you’re thirsty and adventure bound! Yet, one more sip of coffee and you may either combust or be ditched by your pals completely. What do you do? Water is a clever go to, but you’re in the mood for something more… something not only thirst quenching and invigorating, but utterly delicious and satisfying.

If you’ve yet to properly be introduced, it’s time to meet Diesel’s two most recent Summer menu additions: the Blueberry Ginger Sparkling Lemonade and the Hibiscus Limeade. It’s true that neither drink is caffeinated, but both pack an incredibly flavorful punch.

Both drinks include tasty house-made syrups dreamt up in our very own kitchen by co-owner Jennifer Park and co. The Blueberry Ginger Sparkling Lemonade features a syrup made with both fresh blueberries and ginger. The Hibiscus Limeade is tangy and sweet, infused with Diesel’s super popular Red Zen tea brought to you by MEM Tea Imports.

Not only are these two mouth-watering Summer delights delicious, but they’re also chock-full of health benefits. Both blueberries and ginger are bursting with antioxidants, while hibiscus has been shown to help maintain both blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Why not live it up while the days are still long? Fun in the sun is still waiting to be had.

(l) Blueberry Ginger Sparking Lemonade and (r) Hibiscus Limeade

(l) Blueberry Ginger Sparkling Lemonade and (r) Hibiscus Limeade