The Space Between

This blog post comes to you from our Co-Owner Jennifer Park.  As you may or may not know, so many aspects of Diesel are hand made, hand designed, and as Jen discusses in this post, hand written.  

Recently, one of our managers suggested something….he suggested that we take my handwriting and create a font out of it. As some of you know, my one perhaps semi-marketable skill, is that I have decent hand writing. All the new pastry signs and menu boards at Diesel are drawn by hand. Each square is outlined and painted by hand and then written on once the paint has dried. Each board up on the walls is painted and measured and written by hand.

IMG_3085 (1)

A few years back I actually had a similar idea to go online and create my own font. That way, anyone could write something and have it maintain the look of a hand-written sign. However, once I carefully entered each letter, processed it, downloaded it to the computer and test typed a few sentences, it looked oddly like Comic Sans. I stared at the page for a while wondering what I had done wrong. And what I realized is that the space between each letter is what is necessary for a truly hand-written look. And that no computer can actually make something that looks like it is hand-made without someone on the other side manipulating each character and the spacing.


The space between letters and the impact it has on the end product has made me think of the importance of space. Between projects, between opening stores, between two people, between the espresso machine and the grinder, between the register and the doorway. And it occurs to me that a large part of my job is making sure that the space between things feels right.

At the very least, I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the idea…considering the space between things.